Sometimes I am absolutely stunned by how unkind the world can be. People who stand in judgement of others who do not tread their shoes, even when they think they do. Because we are all individuals and while there can certainly be similarities and shared experiences , there are also always differences. None of us ever really know what battles others are facing.

We see such unkindness pan out in the press, in both blatant and veiled social media posts and in hushed whispers face to face (pre covid at least) or ‘banter’ around the office water cooler.

Other times, I am blissfully reminded that the world is full to the brim with kindness. Just this morning a friend of mine turned up at my doorstep after a gift bag full of treats ‘just fell’ into her trolley during her supermarket shop. She knew I was feeling a bit rubbish so she just showed up and showed support.

A gesture of kindness from a friend – wine chocolate, bath soak, tea and magazines.

I was absolutely touched to bits. Later on an old friend and work colleague who, in person I very rarely see messaged me. She works in a special needs school in Stoke and has on numerous occasions been very generous with her time, preparing visual aids for me to try out with Grayson. She has been working on a social story for me to help prepare Grayson for the new enclosed, padded Safe Space bed that he is having soon.

Such kindness surrounds me.

Absolutely no duty whatsoever, just observes my social media posts and genuinely wants to offer her support. Its beautiful and touching and so very appreciated.

To top it all off, my beautiful daughter came home from school today with the weekly Values Award for her class for this week. She got this award for, guess what? Acts of kindness inside and outside school. I couldn’t be more proud.

Disingenuity cannot be avoided. We can not control the actions of others. What we can do is choose to focus on kindness. Kindness from ourselves towards others and kindness that we are blessed and lucky to receive from others. If my daughter learns one lesson from me it will be this, be for others who you needed them to be when you yourself were where they are now. She already embodies this and she makes me and her Dad very proud indeed.

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