Family Photos? What Are They?

As a bit of a photography fan, I like taking photos. It’s something I don’t really get much opportunity to do these days, so when we go away I try and take a few shots.

Although I say that, but another consequence of Grayson being the special little man he is, is that I no longer take my DSLR away with us on trips. There’s simply no point, the number of times it’s almost been knocked out of my hands is scary, so smartphone photography it is.

Now, when most families go away on holiday they take lovely family photos. Photos that remind themselves of the good times they had and the places they’d been.

Not if their children are autistic they don’t,

We’re on holiday in Cornwall and have been here for a couple of days now, and consequently there have been two opportunities for us to take some family photos with Grayson.

Two opportunities that have been less than succesful.

The first was in the beautiful and – so I am told – famous Lost Gardens of Heligan. Now, I’m not saying he didn’t do well there, he really did, no meltdowns, no tantrums, nothing. It was great.

He still wouldn’t look at the camera though. In fact, he very quickly had enough. Sigh…

Still, not to worry, there’s still the Eden Project! Yay! Well, no, not yay.

This time we had the benefit of a real human being behind the camera. A real human being who couldn’t be more apologetic when they failed to get a decent photograph.

We didn’t let him walk away from that one though!

You see, this is pretty much par for the course with young Master Grayson, all the things most families take for granted are made ten times harder. A simple day out becomes a day of hyper vigilance and five year old wrangling.

So the next time someone says to you, “We’ve all been there”, tell them to get in the sea. We really haven’t all been here.

It’s not all bad though…

…there are still some charming moments, when the wee fella stands still long enough for me to get a shot in. That’s when you get photos like this.